Dec. 25th, 2012

care_says: (misc - otter yuletide!)

So as of yesterday, I was just expecting one gift!fic for Yuletide, because I had seen the count under my "gifts" link on my AO3 dash, but when the archived opened, I HAD FOUR FICS WAITING FOR ME. I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT, I'M THE LUCKIEST RECIPIENT IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. I HAD A FIC EACH PROMPT (TWO FOR ONE PROMPT) AND THEY ARE ALL MAGNIFICENT AND PERFECT.

New Year's Eve (The Mindy Project; Danny/Mindy) -- A PERFECT GEM. They make a bet! About who can deliver the first baby of the new year! And there's kissing! And their voices are so perfect!

Dream a Little Dream (Code Name Verity; Maddie/Julie) -- My heart hurts from this fic. Such a beautiful little scene with Julie and Maddie at a dance, and secret kissing, and they are so HAPPY and I might have teared up a little, but shut up, you can't prove anything.

No Such Roses (Code Name Verity; Maddie/Julie) -- I don't know how people are writing such perfect Maddie voices, but they are, and it's KILLING ME. This was so sad and perfect, a small little AU at the end fo the book, where Maddie takes the writing to Castle Craig and reminisces about a Julie memory that didn't make it into her diary.

Con Affecto (Pitch Perfect; Beca/Chloe) -- MY NON-TREAT FIC. OH, MYSTERY AUTHOR, HOW HAPPY YOU MADE ME. Beca and Chloe, post-movie, and Beca's trying to figure out what she wants after she and Jesse break up, and WHAT SHE WANTS IS CHLOE. THIS FIC MAKES MY HEART SING. Beca and Chloe are PERFECTLY in character, and it's WONDERFUL. I want to draw hearts around it.

I HOPE ALL YOUR CHRISTMASES ARE GOING WELL. Later I'm going to read Yuletide with [ profile] yeah81 and [ profile] silverakira in pajamas, and I'm really really excited, but right now I get to open presents and dump out my stocking (my family gets up late, even on Christmas, what can I say -- we're all nocturnal owls). :D


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