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Dear Yuletide Author,

This is my favorite time of year! I'm so glad it's the holiday season once again. For some reason I delayed ages on my sign-up this time, but it's like my 6th year or something of doing this! I can't believe it! But blah blah blah, I really appreciate all your hard work and effort and I'm super excited about reading my gift!fic and yay yay yay. =)

Code Name Verity - Elizabeth E. Wein: Julia Beaufort-Stuart (Verity), Maddie Brodatt (Kittyhawk)

PLEASE HAVE THEM MAKE OUT PLEASE OH MY GODDDDD. Okay, I mean, that doesn't HAVE to happen, but I always thought it was a bit shippy and I'd love for something romantic to have happened when they were together. But, if that is not your thing, something friendshippy and lovely would be fine too. =)

This book did an excellent job of KILLING ME this year. I read it once and listened to the audiobook another time and cried loads, of course. Julie and Maddie's friendship is the crux of this entire book, and it's so rare to find a friendship as wonderful and as deep as theirs. Awesome girls being friends! I mean, what more could I want, right?

Well, makeouts. Because I really like makeouts. I would love for them to have had a romantic thing going, because there was a side to their relationship that I felt was very romantic. I mean, it's a bit like falling in love, finding your best friend. My best friend is amazing and wonderful, and our relationship has a romantic element to it for sure, though we are not romantically involved. I would just really, really like to see Julie and Maddie have been involved with each other.

But, like I said, if this is not your cup of tea, something heavily friendshippy is fine. BUT MAKEOUTS WOULD BE A+++++.

The Mindy Project: Danny Castellano, Mindy Lahiri

Let's talk about how Danny is based off of BJ Novak and basically I want the two of them to make out more than anything OH MY GOD. Seriously, I love his curmudgeonly self and how he secretly loves her so much and their reluctant friendship. And makeouts. I would really, really like makeouts.

I feel like if you've read this far in the letter, you already know that I'm super into characters getting it on. Not, like, smut, but like relationship-wise. But, okay, here's the thing -- I LOVE MINDY KALING. And I love her with BJ Novak A LOT. So the fact that Danny is Italian!BJ is the best thing in the world for me, and we all know they're going to get it together, because she's great and he's handsome like a youth minister.

But um, one of my fic kryptonite is basically awesome ladies and the dudes who love them. Like, she is so so amazing and he doesn't deserve her at all but he just admires and respects and loves her so much. That is great. That is the way BJ Novak looks at Mindy Kaling all the time, and that is ACE, and I would like that very very much for Mindy and Danny.

Pitch Perfect (2012): Beca, Chloe

I enjoyed their all up in each other's personal space in the movie and would like them to make out. What's-his-face was fine in the movie, but Beca should be with Chloe. Bonus points for more a capella shenanigans.

FACT -- this is one of my favorite moves I've seen all year, and that includes the Avengers and Brave. This movie was everything I've ever wanted and more. Except the more would have have been Beca and Chloe making out, seriously, why didn't that happen. Actually, I was totally cool with Jesse, but Beca and Chloe were NAKED TOGETHER IN THE SHOWER, and I was literally grabbing my friend in the theater and not-so-quietly freaking out.

Just, girl friendships are great, and these two had super chemistry, and I'd love to see something where things didn't work out with Jesse, but things somehow pan out with Chloe and Beca is learning-as-a-person and everyone-goes-through-a-lesbian-phase-in-college-right, but falls in love with Chloe anyway and ugh, my heart, FEELINGS.


Stuff I Like: When characters stay in character, banter, sarcasm, kisses on the nape of the neck, humor, when girls fall for other girls, sex with plot, Christmas, delightful dialogue, understated writing, awesome!girl friendships, and unusual timelines (like...narrative timelines, does that even make sense?), AUs, happy endings.

Stuff I Don't Like: Porn without plot, a fic entirely made up of character introspection, any character bashing, cheating, character death, ladybashing (hate hate hate it), noncon, gratuitous violence, canon rehashing, angst without a happy ending.

I do really adore AUs, so please let your mind wander as it so chooses. I also love the unexpected baby trope, as well as the pretend-to-be-married trope, and forced to share bed trope, and all of those amazing things.

You can check out my favorite stories on Delicious, if that helps you at all. I haven't updated that in ages, but it should give you a rough idea. My fic masterlist is available on the top of this LJ (I'm sure you scrolled past it), and my Tumblr has loads of stuff I enjoy, plus a gratuitous amount of Doctor Who RPF fic.

If you need a Real Person to speak to about what I would enjoy, please feel free to contact my roommate and best friend, [ profile] kindness_says for all my fic needs. She is very capable of handling any and all queries.

I hope you have a blast writing this and thank you again! Happy holidays!


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