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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hello! I'm so excited you're writing me a fic of my very own! Whatever you're planning on, I'm sure I'm gonna love it. So I'm psyched about it already! Yuletide is the very best time of year. Thank you so, so much for all of your hard work. I can't wait! :) Here's some more information about my prompts and my general likes and dislikes.

Carmilla (Web Series): Carmilla Karnstein, Laura Hollis

Well, you already have my keysmash-y sign-up. I know the season will finish up as you're writing the fic (if you are writing me this), so I'm definitely not going to hold you to anything canon-compliant. ;) I love AUs anyway, so anything like that would be perfect. I don't know? I have a lot of feelings about both of their excellent faces? I'm pretty curious about Carmilla's backstory in greater detail, and her relationship with Elle, but I'd definitely love for the fic to feature Laura heavily as well. And, you know, kissing. Also, never say no to fake-dating vampires!

The Toast RPF: Mallory Ortberg

I feel like if you've offered to write this, you maybe already have an idea of what you've gotten yourself into? Here I am ALL ABOUT THE CRACK!FIC. I think Mallory Ortberg is a divine goddess, and I would 100% read about her being an ACTUAL DIVINE GODDESS. YES, I AM HERE FOR THIS. Basically, anything about her perfection I am on board with. Like, what is it like to bask in the light of her perfection? I DON'T KNOW. I WILL LET YOU KNOW AFTER I SEE HER ON HER BOOK TOUR.

Faking It: Amy Raudenfeld

Because I feel so ambivalently about Karma about two-thirds of the time, I'm really only holding you to Amy. I do ship her and Karma, but at this point on the show, I just don't see that happening. Unless something major happens. In any case, I love Amy. I'm enjoying her journey. I'd particularly love future fic about Amy, when she's really found herself and is doing well, and yes, perhaps even with Karma. (I think I specifically said college fic in my sign-up, but you don't have to.)

In general, I tend to like slow burn fics, makeouts, banter, understated wrting, tropes, humor, awesome girl!friendships, unusual narrative structure, sex with plot (not that PWPs aren't great -- just not my preferred Yuletide gift), AUs, happy endings, canon extension (stories that take place in the canon 'verse, but beyond the scope of the series).

In general, I tend to dislike fics entirely made up of character introspection, character bashing, gratuitous violence, dubcon and noncon, second person POV (rather, I like very selectively), cheating (I HATE IT SO MUCH), character death, self-harm, canon rehashing, ladybashing, angst without a happy ending.

I adore AUs -- in this case, I'm most interested in seeing it for Carmilla. I'm pretty interested in Amy in her current world. But Carmilla! So many AUs! I would be all over that situation!

I have my favorite fics on Pinboard, which I have woefully neglected since the advent of Tumblr. You can check my AO3 for things I've written recently. My Tumblr is probably the best place to get to know me -- that's where I hang out these days.

If you need real people to speak to, please feel free to contact [ profile] kindness_says, my best friend, roommate, writing partner, etc etc. She's a little MIA on Eljay these days, so you could also talk to perpetuallyfive, thecousinsdangereux, and/or coffeesomemore about my fic needs. I flail at them a lot and they know me pretty well. :)

Once again, thank you so much! I'm so very excited!

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